Tokuma Shoten Launches New Digital Manga Label to Adapt Isekai Web Novels

Tokuma Shoten launched a brand new digital manga label Comedian Unicorn, which focuses primarily on isekai novels, on June 27. The launch line-up consists of 4 sequence.

Picture through Comic Unicorn’s X/Twitter account

Picture through Comic Ryu

Title: Yūsha no Haha Desu ga, Maō-Gun no Kanbu ni Narimashita (I am the Mom of the Hero, however Turned a Chief within the Demon King’s Military)
Creator(s): Ayumu Noyama
Plot: Miho misplaced her husband in an accident two years in the past. Someday, she is abruptly teleported to a different world along with her son Ren. He’s hailed because the hero to defeat the reincarnated demon king, however Miho refuses to let her center schooler face off in opposition to demons. The villagers abandon her within the demon’s lair, however the demons select to avoid wasting Miho as an alternative.

Picture through Comic Ryu

Title: Isekai: Chikyū-Kan de Kojin Bōeki Shitemita (I Tried to Conduct Private Commerce Between Earth and Different Worlds)
Creator(s): HIzen Fumitoshi, Ebikaniyude
Plot: Someday, Wataru discovers a gate that enables journey between earth and one other world. He realizes that he could make an enormous revenue within the underdeveloped fantasy world past the gate.

Picture through Comic Ryu

Title: Tensai Haken-Sho no Shūsai Itan-ji ~ Tensai no Nōryoku wo Subete Torikomu, Shūsai no Nariagari (The Prodigal Heretic on the Genius Dispatch Workplace: The RIse of the Genius who Absorbs All Different Skills)
Creator(s): Hifumi, Mebaru Hayasakawa
Plot: In a rustic crammed with geniuses, the Genius Dispatch workplace is established. Kyuumei Date is a younger man who’s unable to harness his personal expertise. So as to make a residing, he finally ends up working with unsavory figures, however is used as bait in a single heist. Throughout a life-or-death second, Kyuumei awakens his latent prodigal expertise. So begins the rise of the best genius of all.

Picture through Comic Ryu

Title: Shōkan Yūsha, Taoshita Maō wa Ore Jishin ~ Maō (ore) wa Yūsha (ore) ni Taosareru Tame ni Maō-Gun wo Tsukurimasu (Summoned Hero, I used to be Really the Defeat King: To Defeat Myself, I Will Make a Demon Military to be Defeated by Myself)
Creator(s): Kamin Moriwaki, Yoshiji Yamaguchi
Plot: The story follows the hero who’s transported to a different world. There he defeats the demon king and his military after quite a few trials as a way to return to his unique world. As a substitute, the hero is transported 10 years prior to now to the place that might turn into the demon king’s fortress. He realizes that he’ll turn into the demon king that he, himself, should defeat as a way to return house.

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