Sword of the Demon Hunter To Have One-Hour Premiere, Reveals Key Visual and Start Date

The upcoming Sword of the Demon Hunter: Kijin Gentosho will premiere on June 27 in Japan with an hour-long special.

The anime adaptation also received a key visual and a couple more cast announcements, with the latter including Hiroshi Shirokuma as Doka no Oni and Yui Kondo as Tomi no Kijo.


Sword of the Demon Hunter: Kijin Gentosho is based on the 2019 to 2023 Futaba Bunsho fantasy light novels written by Moto Nakanishi and illustrated by Tamaki, which begins in feudal Japan and advances into more modern times. Seven Seas Entertainment describes the series as:

For generations, a shrine has stood in the mountain village of Kadono, and for each generation the shrine has had an Itsukihime—its shrine maiden—and the maiden has had her guardian. During the Edo period, a young man named Jinta protects the town and the Itsukihime. When he confronts a strange demon in the nearby forest, it tells him that in the distant future a Demon God will threaten all people, everywhere, and it claims that the the Demon God’s rise to power springs from this very time and place, in the village of Kadono. So begins the centuries-spanning journey of a man tainted by demons, hunting through time to seek justice for what he’s lost, and to find a reason to keep on fighting.

The light novels have also inspired a manga adaptation by Yuu Satomi and a stage play. Sword of the Demon Hunter: Kijin Gentosho was first written as a web novel that was published on Arcadia and, later, Shousetsuka ni Narou.


• Director: Kazuya Aiura (Assassin’s Pride)
• Series composer: Deko Akao (Doctor Elise: The Royal Lady with the Lamp)
• Character designer: Taro Ikegami (Legend of Mana The Teardrop Crystal
• Music composers: MONACA’s Ryuuichi TakadaKeiichi Hirokawa, and Kuniyuki Takahashi (all three worked on Shangri-La Frontier)
• Animation production studio: Yokohama Animation Lab 


• Taku Yashiro as Jinta
 Reina Ueda as Suzune
 Saori Hayami as Shirayuki

Source: @kijin_anime