Suicide Squad ISEKAI Episodes 1-3

Suicide Squad ISEKAI, or Isekai Squad as I desire to name it, wasn’t on my anime bingo card, and it positive wasn’t on my to-watch listing for the Summer season 2024 anime season. An anime model of Suicide Squad that, for some motive, includes isekai? I’m not satisfied that such a present actually must exist, and Suicide Squad ISEKAI’s first three episodes haven’t accomplished sufficient to alter my thoughts both.

In case you’re a non-comic ebook reader who hasn’t seen the 2 Suicide Squad live-action films and the current online game, the titular staff consists of imprisoned supervillains who’re compelled to do the soiled work of ruthless authorities official Amanda Waller. They’ve received no alternative however to obey, as a result of in the event that they don’t, they’ll be blown up by an implanted explosive. 

The three-episode worldwide premiere for Suicide Squad ISEKAI is sensible, as a result of the third episode’s ending, which establishes that our important characters shall be coping with different acquainted supervillains and never simply fantasy fodder, appears like the one narrative ingredient that’s vaguely fascinating. The primary episode is all setup, establishing the seize of the Joker’s lover/partner-in-crime Harley Quinn in order that Waller (whose English VA sounds too younger for the position) can power her and different supervillains (Deadshot, Clayface, Peacemaker, King Shark) on a mission right into a fantasy world of beast folks and people that Waller has her sights on (we quickly discover out that it’s all about pure sources). We get to see the Joker within the first third of this episode, however contemplating that his monologue made my thoughts get lost, I don’t assume I need to see him once more.

The Suicide Squad members are way more welcome firm, however not significantly endearing both — the simple-minded however brutal King Shark is likely one of the characters that stood out extra in James Gunn‘s The Suicide Squad, which it’s best to watch should you haven’t already. Although there’s acceptable banter between straight-man Deadshot with the self-important however unsuccessful actor Clayface and the inscrutable, peace-obsessed Peacemaker, the anime hasn’t been in a position to get me invested in these misfits. The princess of the fantasy world’s human kingdom, who appears to admire Harley and needs her folks’s battle with the beast folks to finish shortly, has the possibility to be a personality of notice, however this early portion of the sequence hasn’t given her a lot to do but. 

The largely unremarkable writing has the (good) facet impact of creating the highlights (that are all in Episode 3) stand out, at the very least. In a single scene, Rick Flag, one among Waller’s subordinates, inadvertently offends a balding, pink-haired knight (one of many recurring characters from the fantasy facet) resulting from his imperfect information of the fantasy world’s language. We additionally get to see Deadshot earnestly try and get a movie about rats mating screened in a jail theater, as a result of he genuinely believes that the rat-controlling Ratcatcher can solely be turned on by the sight of the animals mating. These moments steadiness out the choice to present Deadshot a rehash of Will Smith’s notorious and much-memed “What? We some form of Suicide Squad?” line from the 2016 Suicide Squad film. 

I’m prepared to place up with an uninteresting premise if the visuals and motion can pull their weight, however whereas Suicide Squad ISEKAI often fingers out tasty cuts of character appearing and isn’t shabby with the motion animation, the aesthetic of the present is decidedly common in high quality, giving me even fewer causes to care in regards to the bland isekai setting. When Episode 2 makes an attempt to make its fantasy jail break sequence visually fancy with lurid, pulsing colours, it solely succeeds in feeling disagreeable and sickly. The sequence would look so significantly better if it had half the visible high quality of the opening animation

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Not one of the episodes thus far have felt thrilling with their execution, however the first one, which has storyboards and path by the sequence’ director Eri Osada, had moments that made me go, “Hm, that felt a bit odd.” These moments embrace the primary reveal of the fantasy world’s warring inhabitants with a really nonchalant reduce and pan with no build-up. One other instance is how the episode takes pains to cover Peacemaker’s face with a sack masks, however spoils his common look with a short character intro nonetheless shot anyway. The animated transitions into and from these character photographs are decently smooth, although.

The largest disappointment in Episode 1 is a rooftop battle between Harley and her possible sequence rival Katana (who, together with Rick, seems to be distractingly younger on this present). This could’ve been an energizing motion spotlight, however though it tries, the top outcome feels torpid because of a reliance on distant, lingering cameras; an uninteresting circulate; and numerous surprisingly sluggish actions. The opposite fights usually are not so disappointing, however are even much less memorable.

Suicide Squad ISEKAI doesn’t make a horrid first impression, however based mostly on these first three episodes, the one components of it which are actually well worth the effort of watching are the opening and the enjoyable ending sequence that give us a sassy, dancing Waller. I used to be already ready to name it quits after the primary episode, and making it by the remainder simply makes me want I’d spent the time re-watching The Suicide Squad as a substitute. Having stated that, the glimmers of enjoyable in Episode 3 present faint hope that the remainder of the sequence would possibly finally discover its ft, and the eventual look of different supervillains like Enchantress and Killer Croc might enliven the present too. 

The place to observe: Max/Hulu (United States), ANIPLUS/LAFTEL (South Korea), HBO GO (Southeast Asia, Taiwan, and Hong Kong), ADN (France), Bilibili (China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Southeast Asia), iQIYI (China), AnimeTimes (India)


• Director: Eri Osada (Blade and Soul co-character designer and co-chief animation director, Jujutsu Kaisen Episode 6 director et al.)
• Screenplay: Tappei Nagatsuki (Vivy: Fluorite Eye’s MusicRe:ZERO writer)
• Screenplay: Eiji Umehara (Vivy: Fluorite Eye’s Music)
• Character designer: Naoto Hosoda (Seiren character designer, The Future Diary and Juni Taisen: Zodiac Battle director)
• Character designer draft designer: Akira Amano (Psycho-Go)
• Music composer: Kenichiro Suehiro (The Eminence in Shadow)
• Animation manufacturing: WIT Studio


 Anna Nagase as Harley Quinn
 Yuichiro Umehara as The Joker
• Reigo Yamaguchi as Deadshot
• Takehito Koyasu as Peacemaker
• Jun Fukuyama as Clayface
• Subaru Kimura as King Shark
• Taku Yashiro as Rick Flag
• Chika Anzai as Katana
• Kujira as Amanda Waller
• Reina Ueda as Fione
• Mamiko Noto as Aldora
• Jun Fukushima as Cecil