Suicide Squad Isekai Episode 1 Gives Anime’s Explosive Energy to DC Comics’ Colorful World

The next comprises spoilers for Suicide Squad Isekai Episode 1.

After David Ayer’s broadly panned Suicide Squad, nobody thought Warner Bros. would contact the DC Comics franchise once more with a 10-foot pole. However because the film made bucks each throughout and after its preliminary theatrical launch, the studio greenlit a sequel that quickly turned a standalone movie underneath the route of James Gunn, presently the architect behind the upcoming DC Universe. 2021’s The Suicide Squad not solely turned the fan-favorite superhero movie of its 12 months, however it additionally made B-tier characters like Peacemaker so interesting that the anti-hero obtained his personal spin-offs and comedian e-book sequence. Hanging the iron whereas it’s sizzling, Warner Bros. Japan partnered with Wit Studio to retell the story of Suicide Squad by means of anime. And what higher approach to do it than to throw probably the most infamous group of killers in an unpredictable world?

Directed by Eri Osada with music from Kenichiro Suehiro (most well-known for scoring one other isekai, Re: Zero), Suicide Squad Isekai is simply one other feather within the cap of Warner Bros’ anime wing that has been collaborating with Japanese artists for over a decade now. The pilot episode blends the limitless potentialities of anime with the gritty world of DC, serving a contemporary tackle the previous formulation for the followers to feast on. Though very a lot a story about Amanda Waller and her ragtag crew of rogues, the fantasy really feel of the world offers the Suicide Squad a problem that feels extra intriguing by the minute.

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The foreshadowing is robust within the opening, as if to clarify the that means of the phrase “Isekai” to a clueless viewers. The episode kicks off with Harley Quinn’s murderous monologue about sending a roomful of hostages to a brand new world as Amanda Waller’s crew opens a portal to 1. Though two seemingly distant scenes, the overlapping cutaways between them present exposition. One introduces the protagonist, and the opposite builds up the suspense. The apparent homicidal undertone of Harley and The Joker’s escapade apart, the automobile chase that ensues and the mayhem that follows is thrilling to observe. The lethal couple quickly meets lethal drive. However the transition from thrilling motion to the story’s subsequent stage appears compelled, and the remainder of the episode is out of tune with the fashion of the opening act. However, it’s a good hook to enter a slow-burning center act, which is the place the exposition actually begins to take up all of the room within the story.

Suicide Squad Isekai Episode 1 goes down the identical clichéd route as many of the villainous crew’s different iterations. One can not however sense a bit an excessive amount of of Ayer’s Suicide Squad right here, given how Harley and her “puddin'” go on a joyride then get themselves incarcerated. Quickly sufficient, Harley meets Waller, the top honcho operating the off-the-books program, adopted by her teammates on a helicopter carrying Process Power X to the mission. The coincidence will not be precisely uncanny when the roster is sort of the identical because the Suicide Squad films. The crew includes Harley and Deadshot from Suicide Squad, plus Peacemaker and King Shark from The Suicide Squad. At one level, Deadshot even drops his notorious quote about Process Power X being “some form of a Suicide Squad.” The one departure is Clayface, who has but to be seen in a live-action film. Regardless of the similarities to the films, the episode establishes its personal id by means of its humorous dialogue. The scene the place the characters meet each other for the primary time goes on at size with no interruptions, permitting every of them to point out the quirks of their persona.

The ultimate act is the place the story comes collectively and offers a teaser of how the group dynamic can develop over time. However the factor that takes the headline is the alternate Earth the place the remainder of the plot is meant to unfold. In true isekai trend, Harley and the gang get embroiled in a warfare between two factions: one is a race of magic-wielding elves, and the opposite is a ruthless gang of brawny orcs. That is the place Suicide Squad Isekai departs from most tales. Though the comics explored the adventures of Process Power X on different Earths, the paranormal nature of a world caught in time will not be one thing the crew has tackled earlier than. Earlier than the viewers can regulate their eyes to the wonders, hassle comes for the Suicide Squad, turning the ultimate stretch of the episode right into a bloody welcome get together.

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If it isn’t plain sufficient, Harley is the true protagonist of this pilot episode. The Suicide Squad is historically a crew of supervillains coerced by Waller to work for the US authorities in alternate for lighter sentences. It isn’t unusual for somebody to take up the management function. As in most tales, it falls upon Deadshot to steer the criminals since he is probably the most levelheaded particular person on the crew. But, amongst all of the noisy characters in Suicide Squad Isekai Episode 1, it is Harley’s charisma that units her other than the opposite eccentric gamers on the board. From the beginning, the plot locations her on the heart because the one to look out for. Her power drives the episode off the rails down a flurry of action-packed scenes. However so far as unpredictability goes, the viewers can see her strikes coming from a mile away. This Harley remains to be deeply in love with The Joker, which solely means she has room for character growth like her different media counterparts.

Regardless of Harley being the principle focus, Suicide Squad Isekai Episode 1 spends a great period of time on the supporting characters. Everybody thinks they’re the sane one on the crew, which makes their response to the opposite’s oddball habits hilarious and weirdly relatable. Deadshot and Harley instantly type a comedic pair, with the previous taking part in the straight man. However Clayface tops even the 2 of them on the subject of his delusions of grandeur. This model of the shapeshifting Batman villain has all of the huff of his former career as an actor, however none the puff because the crew’s muscle. All in all, this is without doubt one of the traditional villain’s sillier and extra enjoyable interpretations but.

In the meantime, Peacemaker remains to be the fanatic for peace he has all the time been. In his anime type, he embodies extra of the crafty in his voice actor, Takehito Koyasu, than the oddity of John Cena. He has a menacing presence, balanced solely by his tantrums with Deadshot about trivial issues, like who will get to turn out to be the crew chief. Nevertheless, if anybody has a childlike innocence, it will be King Shark. At the same time as he gobbles on orcs, his gluttony stays part of his allure. Aside from one scene-stealing cameo, King Shark is without doubt one of the most underutilized characters within the pilot episode. As a substitute of introducing him like the remainder, the story gambles on revealing him proper on the climax. Fortunately, it pays off, and the response from his teammates is priceless.

Anna Nagase as Harley Quinn is the epitome of nice casting. She brings out the character’s playfulness completely and makes this model of the character her personal, with a contact of camp and disdain. Voice actor Kujira additionally must be held in the identical regard for her work because the voice actor of ARGUS chief Waller. Her monotonous, gravelly voice works wonders with the chilly nature of her character, making Waller’s scenes notably chilly. It’s astonishing how Waller never had a bad casting, and Suicide Squad Isekai sees to it that it stays that method. Nevertheless, Yuichiro Umehara, as The Joker, fails to impress. It isn’t as a lot as his appearing however his calm and chilly tone that doesn’t match simply how unhinged the Clown Prince of Crime needs to be.

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Naoto Hosoda’s character designs are top-notch. The DC characters could look nice on display in live-action, however there’s a distinction between nice and glamorous. Suicide Squad Isekai positively falls within the latter class, with Harley main the best way. From Deadshot’s coiffure to Clayface’s smirk, every little thing and everybody in Process Power X has been “anime-fied” to look modern and classy. Even the motion scenes really feel extra clean than uncooked and brutal, giving the bare-knuckle brawls a fast-paced depth. Wit Studio, most well-known for adapting Assault on Titan’s first three seasons, has a confirmed observe file of making bubbly visuals in addition to getting down and soiled with its grounded franchises. Suicide Squad Isekai borrows the very best from each worlds and isn’t afraid of happening a bloody street when the time is correct for some violent endeavors.

Suehiro’s music additionally offers the anime its tempo. There’s a reasonably symphonic second the place The Joker escapes on his Jokermobile, all of the whereas taking part in the piano. It’s a hauntingly stunning rating, given the way it overlaps with the supervillain’s laughter and the crashing of police automobiles. The music additionally will get quirky when the Process Power X members meet for the primary time, making the comedic moments much more hilarious.

Followers couldn’t have requested the Suicide Squad Isekai anime for a greater begin. Regardless of being clearly impressed by the crew’s films, the pilot episode established its personal id and pulled off what it got down to do: get the crew collectively and push them right into a fantastical world filled with unknown risks. It simply so occurs that their first mission is a trial by hearth, and after they struggle collectively, their chemistry is off the charts. The one friction within the story comes from the crew’s underdeveloped dynamics, which can also be the place the episode will get its humor. Regardless of the novelty of being an anime, the episode performs secure with the plot, and one can solely surprise the place it might all have gone if the gloves have been off.

Suicide Squad Isekai is now streaming on Max and Hulu.