Look Back Anime Movie To Have Annecy Screening

The Look Back anime movie will be screened at this year’s Annecy Festival as part of the Annecy Presents selection. 

Look Back is one of four new additions to the non-competitive lineup — bringing the total to 16 — with Blue Lock: Episode Nagi being another of the newly announced titles.

The initial selection included the following anime movies: Detective Conan: The Million-Dollar Pentagram, Give It All, and Sand Land.

Annecy’s announcement article also comes with the following synopsis for Look Back:

The overly confident Fujino and introverted Kyomoto couldn’t be more different. Their love of drawing manga is the one thing connecting these contrasting girls. However, one day something happens to them that shatters everything. A heart-wrenching and impactful story about growing up.

Separately, the Look Back X (formerly Twitter) account released six new stills from the film.

Look Back will premiere in Japan on June 28. The movie is based on the one-shot by Chainsaw Man‘s Tatsuki Fujimoto. which was released in July 2021.


• Director, scriptwriter, and character designer: Kiyotaka Oshiyama (Flip Flappers director, Chainsaw Man devil designer)
• Art director: Kiyoshi Sameshima (Fortune Favors Lady Nikuko background artist)
• Color designer: Maya Kusumoto (Birthday Wonderland)

• Compositing director: Kazuto Izumito (Skip and Loafer)
• Animation production: Studio Durian 


Yumi Kawai as Fujino
Mizuki Yoshida as Kyomoto

Source: Annecy Festival