Little Shark’s Day Out Returns for New Series

Shortly after its season finale, it has been announced that the short anime series Little Shark’s Day Out will be receiving a new series. It was not announced when the new anime will premiere, but the show’s staff confirmed the follow up in a Twitter post today. 

All 60 episodes of the first series are available on YouTube with English subtitles. The short series first aired on August 1, 2023 and concluded on May 10, 2024. 

Kana Hanazawa voices the lead character, Kozame-chan. She also performs the anime’s main ending theme “Yorimichi.” 

The short ONA series is based on a web manga by Penguin Box that was first posted on Twitter in June 2021. It was later published in Enterbrain’s Aokishi magazine on October 20, 2021 under the Kitora imprint. Four tankobon volumes have been released as of October 2023. 

odekake kozame anime second key visual odekake kozame anime second key visual
© Penguin Box・​KADOKAWA/​Odekake Kozame

Little Shark’s Day Out (known in Japan as Odekake Kozame) follows a little shark named Kozame-chan and her everyday adventures in Yauo town. From radio exercises, festival stalls, and meeting new friends, Kozame-chan experiences several heartwarming experiences in the town.

Source: Little Shark’s Day Out Official Twitter