Happy Tanabata From the Anime World! Part IV

It is want time in Japan with the Tanabata celebrations. However, what about all of the birthday girls and boys? Do they not get birthday needs or do they get double the needs? Hopefully so as a result of there are some anime and manga Tanabata birthdays. So, this is to all the needs made for this 12 months’s Tanabata.

At 25:00 in Akasaka

At this time, July 7, is #七夕 [Tanabata]🎋🫧
-[May their happiness last forever]☆彡

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba

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Fist of the North Star

【Kobe venue】
🌠 #北斗の拳40周年大原画展 [Fist of the North Star 40th Anniversary Exhibition]‼️

The primary and largest authentic artwork exhibition in historical past has lastly arrived in Kobe💪

Let’s go on Tanabata💫❗️
Looking for the an exhibition website🏜️

Kentarō Yabuki

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Mashle: Magic and Muscles

𝙃𝙖𝙥𝙥𝙮 𝘽𝙞𝙧𝙩𝙝𝙙𝙖𝙮

Lemon Irvine
CV. .#上田麗奈 [Reina Ueda]

July 7 is Lemon Irvin’s birthday🎉
Newly drawn illustrations launched!
Let’s all have fun collectively🎂

My Hero Academia

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#HBD [Happy Birthday]!!

#プレゼントマイク [Present Mic] #山田ひざし [Hizashi Yamada] #7月7日 [July 7]


#ヒロアカ [Heroaca] #heroaca_a



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Picture by way of x.com

Star Twinkle Precure

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July 7 is the birthday of Treatment Milky from Star ☆ Twinkle Precure.🎂🎉 She was born on #七夕 [Tanabata] , so is the right “Milky Means Precure“💚
The museum is at the moment exhibiting streamers with Pretty Cure designs that had been put in finally 12 months’s Sendai Tanabata Pageant.🌟 Please come and see them ❣️ #precure #スタプリ [Star Pre]

Undead Unluck

At this time is Fuko’s birthday🎊🎂🥳

At this time, July 7, is the birthday of Fuko, the denier of [bad luck]☄️
An indomitable will to withstand destiny, a kindness that connects with anybody,
Let’s have fun the birthday of our boss, Fuko, who fights together with her emotions for her accomplice,
by utilizing hashtags and icons🎊🎉✨

#アンデッドアンラック [Undead Unluck] #アンデラ [Undedlu] pic.twitter.com/5ov6qrC9EQ

Did we miss any Tanabata greetings? Be happy to tell us in our boards or by email!