Crossdressing romcom anime Senpai wa Otoko no Ko premieres this week

Senpai wa Otoko no Ko

The upcoming romantic comedy between a man, a woman, and their crossdressing pal Senpai wa Otoko no Ko (Senpai is an Otokonoko) will premiere on July 4.

The sequence started in 2019 as an internet manga revealed by LINE and is the most recent title from creator “Pomu”. The sequence follows Makoto Hanaoka, who at first seems to be a mature girl who attracts the eye of Saki Aoi, a bisexual first yr pupil. When Saki confesses, she learns that Makoto is definitely a crossdressing boy and has to think about her emotions.

After deciding she nonetheless preferred him, she decides to attempt to be with him no matter his interest for crossdressing. In the meantime Makoto’s childhood pal Ryuji Taiga is sorting via his personal emotions, and decides although they’re each males that he needs to be with him.

A bisexual love triangle between Saki-Makoto-Ryuji units the scene for the upcoming anime. You possibly can try the trailer below.

The sequence is the most recent from studio Challenge No. 9 whose previous work consists of My Tiny SenpaiLove After World Domination, And You Thought There Is By no means a Woman On-line?, and extra.

Senpai wa Otoko no Ko premieres on July 4.