Best Fullmetal Alchemist Fights (From the Original Anime)

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Whereas some fights within the anime are bombastic in nature, what actually elevates them from different shōnen works are the scientific guidelines that alchemy should adhere to throughout the collection. Scientific information is simply as vital as a well-aimed shot, and Fullmetal Alchemist balances each navy ways and technique with science and understanding of the basics of nature that govern the world.

With many various fights within the collection, some carry extra emotional weight, whereas others elevate the political intrigue and thriller of the collection to larger heights as every battle serves to broaden the scope of the general battle. Fullmetal Alchemist isn’t afraid to go to dark places and a few fights serve to extend the sheer darkness and depravity of what people are able to, whereas different fights showcase simply how good folks might be with how Edward and Alphonse navigate their technique to restore themselves.


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10 Edward and Alphonse Elric vs. Scar

Episode 14: “Destruction’s Proper Hand”

The Elric Brothers face off for the primary time towards the illusive Scar, a serial killer who targets State Alchemists. Whereas in quest of the Philospher’s Stone, Edward and Alphonse Elric discover Dr. Marcoh, the previous head researcher for the navy who studied the creation of the Thinker’s Stone. Throughout their assembly, Brigadier Basic Grand and his males arrest Dr. Markoh and steal the unfinished Thinker’s Stone in his possession. Quickly after, Scar assaults and kills Grand, then strikes to complete Dr. Markoh, however was stopped when the Elric Brothers intervened and fled with Dr. Markoh right into a tunnel to flee.

The group discovered themselves cornered and, with nowhere to run, the Elric Brothers select to battle Scar in a determined try and survive. On Hughes’s orders, Main Armstrong interrupted the battle and saved the brothers from Scar’s relentless assaults. The boys had been efficiently capable of escape Scar whereas Main Armstrong fought him off. Whereas brief, the battle served as an awesome introduction into the thoughts of Scar and the way far he’ll go in his quest for revenge.

9 Alphonse Elric vs. Barry the Chopper

Episode 8: “The Thinker’s Stone”

Barry the Chopper in Fullmetal Alchemist

Upon coming into the fifth laboratory, Alphonse Elric quickly discovers a guard of the lab, Barry the Chopper, one other soul trapped in a swimsuit of armor. Their assembly was the primary time within the collection that Alphonse discovered another person who shared his similar destiny. In contrast to Edward and his battle with the opposite guard, Alphonse’s battle centered on a key factor of Alphonse’s insecurities about being trapped inside his swimsuit of armor. Barry exploits his insecurities by mendacity about how Alphonse was by no means an actual human, only a doll with recollections of the true Alphonse having been implanted into the armor by Edward.

Whereas the battle definitely was essentially the most hazard the Elric brothers discovered themselves in up thus far within the collection, the load of the battle revolved across the emotional weaknesses of the 2 brothers and was one of many first in depth reveals in regards to the Thinker’s stone.

8 Edward Elric vs. Sloth and Wrath

Episode 42: “His Title is Unknown”

Edward Elric Using Alchemy in Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood.


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Edward Elric’s State Alchemist watch has a secret message engraved on its inside. Its grim that means is one thing he will not simply share with others.

Whereas within the sewers defending Rose and her child, Edward comes head to head with each Sloth and Wrath. Outnumbered, with nowhere to go, Edward battled towards each homunculi in a determined conflict to save lots of Rose. The emotional stakes had been excessive for Edward, as Sloth was the homunculus created by Edward and Alphonse throughout their failed try and deliver again their mom, Trisha, from the grave. Whereas Wrath carried Edward’s proper arm and left leg as his personal.

Up thus far within the collection, Edward had dismissed the concept of Sloth being his mom, Trisha, however his encounter along with her lastly made him take accountability for having created Sloth in a failed try and play god. Edward efficiently saved Rose and her child protected whereas retaining each homunculi at bay lengthy sufficient for the three to flee. Whereas Lyla advised Edward he would wish to do rather more injury to kill both homunculi, finally Edward selected to keep away from taking any extra lives, particularly somebody who appeared nearly similar to his personal mom.

7 Edward Elric vs. Father Cornello

Episode 2: “Physique of the Sanctioned”

Father Cornello in Fullmetal Alchemist

Father Cornello leads the Church of Leto, a cult he based himself utilizing alchemy as pretend acts of the divine. He managed the folks of Reole by way of his dogmatic teachings and used faith as a instrument to maintain himself in energy. After having revealed Father Cornello’s true intentions to his flock and the city of Reole through a radio broadcast, Edward Elric tried to speak Father Cornello into surrendering himself, however his phrases fell on deaf ears. As an alternative of backing down and giving up, Father Cornello brandished a minigun made utilizing a pretend Thinker’s Stone and attacked Edward.

Believing that the supply of Edward’s alchemy energy was from his watch, Father Cornello let his guard down, which allowed Edward to shut in and slice his gun in half utilizing his transmuted automail arm. Disarmed, Father Cornello retreated exterior to the place his flock was gathered, and he carried out alchemy utilizing the pretend Thinker’s Stone to trick the folks of Reole into believing his divinity by shifting a statue of Leto, however Edward merely used alchemy to utterly management the statue to outshine Father Cornello. Edward’s show induced Father Cornello to make use of the pretend Philospher’s Stone, but it surely backfired and disfigured his physique consequently.

6 Izumi’s Assault on South Headquarters

Episode 31: “Sin”

Izumi in Fullmetal Alchemist

Izumi assaults the southern headquarters to rescue the homunulus Wrath, her stillborn baby who was born throughout the gate. After she tore aside the constructing and freed Wrath, a four-way battle broke out between her, the Elric Brothers, Main Armstrong and Colonel Archer, and Kimblee and Bido. Envy was additionally current however disguised as King Bradley. All 4 teams wished Wrath for their very own functions.

The Elric Brothers tried to cease Izumi from taking Wrath as a result of Edward was nonetheless technically a part of the navy and could not permit her to flee with the kid, however he did need her to flee. Izumi was capable of knock again Edward and slip previous Alphonse till Envy took Wrath and retreated with Main Armstrong blocking her means. Whereas she fought, Armstrong, Kimblee and Bido attacked the Elric Brothers however didn’t do any important injury and had been pressured to retreat from the constructing. By the top of the encounter, Envy efficiently convinces Wrath to affix the homunculus trigger and Izumi left with Wrath.

5 Edward Elric vs. Roy Mustang

Episode 13: “Fullmetal vs. Flame”


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Edward challenges Mustang to a duel for info on Dr. Marcoh, a talented alchemist and navy deserter with ties to the Thinker’s Stone. King Bradley allowed the duel to happen and the entire navy garrison and workers of the jap command had been in attendance to witness the spectacle. Maes Hughes organized the battle and counted the duel down, then ran away on the final second proper as Mustang attacked Edward by utilizing his particular gloves that allowed him to create sparks to show into explosions along with his alchemy.

Edward was caught off guard and will solely run away from Mustang’s barrage of explosive assaults, even operating into the group and hiding. With just a little frightening, Mustang tricked Edward into revealing his location and exploded a big space throughout the crowd, sending navy officers flying. Within the confusion, Edward laid a lure by making a golem dummy out of stone and left his trademark pink cloak over it to trick Mustang, then attacked from his blind spot and destroyed one among Mustang’s gloves. Edward created an enormous cannon to finish the battle, however Mustang used his second glove to blow it to items. The battle led to a draw when King Bradley stopped it prematurely as Edward used Mustang’s distraction to shut in along with his automail sword arm, nearly taking Mustang’s life.

4 Edward Elric vs. Lust and Wrath

Episode 46: “Human Transmutation”

Lust looking angry in Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood.

Whereas on the run as a fugitive, Edward Elric was ambushed by Lust and Wrath. Edward was capable of temporally subdue Lust by wrapping a locket containing the hair of the deceased one that Lust was created from in an try at human resurrection. With the objective of stealing Edward’s remaining limbs, Wrath attacked and used alchemy to soak up a portion of Edward’s automail arm to create metallic armor round their physique. Edward defended himself lengthy sufficient to create a gap and escaped out of the constructing, however the two homunculi gave chase. To Edward’s shock, Lust sided with him towards Wrath as a result of her solely dream was to turn into human.

Wrath used the locket to weaken Lust and readied to deal the ultimate blow, however Lust was saved by Edward and the 2 escaped collectively. The battle is noteworthy as a result of it highlighted Lust’s conflicting allegiances and must turn into human. Lust selected to betray Dante and the homunculi for the prospect of Edward discovering a technique to make her human. The teamwork each Edward and Lust displayed was one of many first main situations the place each human and homunculi labored collectively to outlive. Lust helped preserve Edward alive all through the collection, however in contrast to earlier occasions, she selected to assist Edward for herself as an alternative of Dante’s plans.

3 Edward Elric vs. Dante

Episode 49: “The Different Aspect of the Gate”

Dante in her final form - Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood

On the climax of the collection, Edward confronted off towards Dante, the mastermind behind each main occasion and grasp of the homunculi. Inhabiting the physique of Lyla, Dante readied Rose to turn into her subsequent host, as Dante can use the Thinker’s Stone to switch her soul between our bodies. Edward was capable of deduce that Dante had faked her demise and killed the true Lyra to take her place after he was capable of trick her into transmuting his spear and not using a transmutation circle, proving Dante had seen the gate like him. The 2 fought one another with out both utilizing transmutation circles.

After a forwards and backwards of their melee, Edward concluded that Dante could not preserve transferring her soul between hosts without end as her physique was already in a fast state of decay. The 2 then had a prolonged debate on the philosophy of equivalent exchange that ended when Edward tried to flee with Rose’s child, however a transmutation circle on the kid activated and despatched Edward to a parallel world within the midst of the London Blitz the place he met his father, Hohenhiem.

2 Edward Elric vs. Greed

Episode 24: Idea of Avarice

Greed Smiling At The Elric Brothers


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Throughout a tense rescue to save lots of his brother, Edward Elric confronts Greed in a climactic showdown. After having escaped the navy’s clutches, Edward tracks down Greed to Dante’s home and finds him standing above the presumably lifeless Dante. Nevertheless, moments earlier than Edward arrived, Greed had been weakened after Lyla set a lure for him and activated a complicated transmutation circle that weakened Greed’s life-force. Edward arrived and believed Greed had killed Dante and nonetheless held his brother Alphonse someplace.

The 2 fought and Greed activated his final protection. Since homunculi are created with the identical parts as people, Edward deduced that Greed’s final protection was him turning his personal physique right into a carbon defend. So, Edward modified the molecular composition of Greed’s carbon armor to turn into extraordinarily brittle, and he was simply defeated and fatally wounded by Edward’s automail arm. In his dying breath, Greed revealed to Edward that the weak spot of homunculi are the bones of the one that the homunculus was created after. When an alchemist makes an attempt to deliver an individual again from the grave, a homunculus is created.

1 Mustang vs. Delight

Episode 51 “Legal guidelines and Guarantees”

Within the ultimate episode of Fullmetal Alchemist, many climactic fights are sprinkled all through the episode, however none had extra emotional weight or affect behind the battle than Roy Mustang’s battle for survival towards Delight. On the finish of the road, Delight pinned Mustang along with his sword to the wall of the cellar and readied to complete him, however his son, Selim, appeared carrying a bag to present to his father. Delight embraced his son, however quickly felt weakened from what was inside Selim’s bag. In a fury, Delight broke his personal son’s neck whereas Mustang pulled the sword from his shoulder and freed himself.

Mustang held up the cranium of the human Delight he was created from and, with out his signature gloves, he drew a rune on his hand to carry out one final explosive assault. Delight burned away to nothing however a puddle of blood and Mustang solid the cranium into the hearth, without end destroying Delight. In his personal means, Mustang was able to avenge Hughes. Roy Mustang picked up the physique of Selim and exited the cellar in victory.