10 New Anime Characters Who’d Be Powerful Airbenders

The worldwide hit anime collection Avatar: The Last Airbender encompasses a beloved four-element fight system often known as bending. Sure individuals are born with the flexibility to bend hearth, air, water, or earth, with every bending model having its personal fight ways and mindset. Firebenders are aggressive, earthbenders are affected person, waterbenders are defensive, and airbenders are versatile and indifferent.

If different anime characters gained the flexibility to bend, or had been born with it, then sure characters would definitely make good Airbenders, even when they do not have the life-style of a monk. Airbending is ideal for anime characters who’re mild and cellular in battle, utilizing intelligent ways and versatile considering to remain out of the enemy’s attain earlier than deliving the ultimate blow. Very best Airbenders may additionally have a pacifistic angle, or no less than, they’ll combat to finish the violence moderately than dominate everybody round them. With these components in thoughts, ten anime characters stand out as the very best Airbender candidates.


10 New Anime Characters Who’d Be Powerful Waterbenders

Every ingredient in Avatar: The Final Airbender is a power of nature. These characters from totally different anime universes can be nice waterbenders.

10 Thorfinn Karlsefni is Mild on His Toes and Fights For Peace

He Traded His Rage For a Imaginative and prescient of Peace and Unity For All

Thorfinn with one of his knives in Vinland Saga.

Within the first main story arc within the wonderful seinen anime Vinland Saga, Thorfinn Karlsefni appeared like a complete Firebender. He favored aggressive ways and was fueled by rage and fervour, however that was not the true Thorfinn. His thoughts was twisted by hatred and ideas of revenge, whereas the true Thorfinn Karlsefni is an idealistic younger man who opposes warfare in all kinds.

Over time, followers bought to know the actual Thorfinn, who’s an Airbender at coronary heart. Just like the Air Nomads in Avatar, Thorfinn is a believer in peace who understands that warfare and violence are by no means justified, neither is preventing wonderful or fulfilling. Additionally, whereas Thorfinn was as soon as reckless in battle, he was additionally agile and lightweight on his ft, like a real Airbender.

9 Captain Soi Fon Favors Stealth and Mobility to Combat

Positioning and Velocity Trump Brute Power in Her Thoughts


10 New Anime Characters Who’d Be Powerful Earthbenders

Each anime has some characters that might thrive within the Avatar: The Final Airbender universe. Listed here are some that might make nice earthbenders.

Most Soul Reapers within the Bleach anime use zanpakuto, or soul-cutting swords, moderately than elemental bending or magic to combat. Meaning their supreme Avatar bending model relies on every Soul Reaper’s character and their steadiness of pace, aggression, endurance, and protection. With all that in thoughts, Captain Soi Fon of squad 2 is clearly an Airbender.

Within the fondly-remembered Soul Society arc, Soi Fon confirmed off her abilities as a fast-moving, stealthy ninja who used superior positioning and her lethal shikai to get the sting on her former mentor, which is a vicious but legitimate option to act like an Airbender. As a bonus, when Soi Fon used her Shunko, it had air-like qualities to distinction with Yoruichi’s lightning model.

8 Nami Makes use of a Local weather Baton and Is an Professional Navigator

Nami is Already a Grasp of Wind

Loads of Satan Fruits in One Piece permit the consumer to manage the weather, from Ace being a Firebender to Aokiji embracing the ice aspect of waterbending and Pica being an Earthbender of kinds. In the meantime, Luffy’s navigator Nami has no Satan Fruit of her personal, however she has mastered the ocean, the skies, and her local weather baton, making her a climate knowledgeable like no different.

All of Nami’s abilities make her an Airbender at coronary heart, in a position to sense the slightest disturbance within the ocean’s winds and utilizing air in intelligent methods whereas preventing with that Local weather Baton of hers. Nami can also be a rogue type of Airbender, being a sneaky, fleet-footed cat burglar who favors stealth and mobility over sheer energy on missions.

7 Tengen Uzui Strikes Sooner Than the Wind

Ninjas Like Tengen Favor Velocity Over Brute Power

Tengen Uzui makes an ominous smile

It’s normal for ninjas in anime to give attention to pace, stealth, and mobility over sheer power, and Demon Slayer‘s Tengen Uzui is like that, too. He could also be a tall, burly man who can hack off a demon’s head with nice power when swining his sword, however that is not his major energy. He put his ninja coaching to good use when covertly scoping out the leisure district arc to search out Daki, then fought her and Gyutaro with unbelievable pace.

Tengen’s Sound Respiratory model allowed him to maintain tempo with Gyutaro’s superhuman pace and energy, and better of all, Tengen had his three kunoichi wives to again him up, being a believer within the energy of friendship. Tengen would do pretty properly with waterbending or firebending, however all issues thought-about, airbending is the very best ingredient for him.


Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba

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January 22, 2021

Natsuki Hanae , Zach Aguilar , Abby Trott , Akari Kitō , Yoshitsugu Matsuoka


6 Naruto Uzumaki is Intelligent and Thinks On His Toes

He is a Difficult Prankster Like Many Airbenders

Naruto is looking happy in Shippuden.


Aang’s Most Impressive Earthbending Feat Didn’t Involve a Fight

Within the “Tales of Ba Sing Se” episode, Aang spoke to Earth King Kuei and decided for the sake of the animals.

Within the Naruto anime, Naruto Uzumaki used a easy check with particular paper to find out that his pure chakra ingredient is wind, and he even invented the Windmill Rasengan because of this. That is a superb signal that Naruto is a born Airbender, although there’s extra to it, since he additionally has the ways and mentality of an Airbender, not simply the methods of 1.

Airbenders are intelligent and quick-witted folks with mild and versatile minds to match their ways, and that describes Naruto properly. He is at all times flitting from one concept to a different, by no means too connected to a single preventing model or place for lengthy. Naruto likes to discover one concept after one other and has a stressed thoughts just like the wind, from his new jutsu to his lofty idealism to his whimsical pranks.

5 Tanya Degurechaff is Most Snug within the Skies

She is an Airbender in Observe

Tanya Degurechaff flying with a smile in The Saga Of Tanya The Evil.

Along with her militaristic angle and want to subjugate the Empire’s neighboring nations, Tanya Degurechaff feels extra like Firebenders like Hearth Lord Ozai and Admiral Zhao in Saga of Tanya the Evil. Nevertheless, discovering the best bending model is not completely about army ways and desires of conquest, as a result of in concept, any elemental bender may do this, as Kuvira the Earthbender confirmed.

On a sensible degree, Tanya is an knowledgeable Airbender. Like different mages, she will soar within the skies above the deadlocked land battle, utilizing elegant and flowing actions to navigate a 3-D battlefield to stay one step forward of her enemies. Tanya’s angle and highly effective rifle photographs really feel like firebending, however her airborne ways make her extra like a twisted Airbender in any case.

4 Iruma Suzuki Likes to Hold the Peace

He is Nearly Like a Monk Already

iruma suzuki with sparkles all around him.

The protagonist of Welcome to Demon College! Iruma-Kun is a real Airbender monk at coronary heart, somebody monk Gyatso would undoubtedly get together with. Airbenders are largely pacifistic of their lifstyle, missing a proper army and refusing to take lives in the event that they may also help it. They’re the defenders of peace and steadiness, which additionally makes them wonderful Avatars, as Avatar Aang himself confirmed.

Iruma Suzuki is like that within the Netherworld, being a kindhearted boy who desires everybody to get alongside and perceive each other moderately than compete for dominance. He’s a protecting and nurturing one who will heal and cooperate with anybody or something to finish the mission, in order that angle alone makes him a bonafide Airbender on the within. His agile, dextrous dodging additionally mark him as a high-quality Airbender.

3 Yor Forger Fights to Shield Others and is Fast On Her Toes

She Fights For Household Now because the Thorn Princess


10 Strongest Firebenders in Avatar: The Last Airbender, Ranked

Avatar: The Final Airbender’s Hearth Nation is thought for its fierce bending model, so after all firebenders are a few of the strongest benders in Avatar.

Magic and elemental bending are absent in Spy x Household‘s comparatively grounded world of Nineteen Sixties Chilly Struggle intrigue, however some characters on this anime nonetheless have the center of sure parts. Yor Forger, for instance, has the mindset and the elegant, fleet-footed strikes worthy of any Airbender.

Yor could also be vicious and lethal because the Thorn Princess, however for her, that is simply work, and he or she identifies much less with it on a regular basis ever since she married into a found family. With extra private stakes in thoughts, Yor fights for everybody’s peace and happiness moderately than to destroy issues or for her personal glory. That is the Air Nomad means, and it helps that no matter her outrageous energy, Yor’s finest asset is definitely her agility as a skilled murderer.

2 Joseph Joestar is a Born Trickster

He Had Some Fancy, Intelligent Strikes in Battle Tendency

A number of Stands within the JoJo’s Weird Journey anime use elemental assaults, together with the flames of Magician’s Purple, the ice of White Album, and the earth manipulation of Oasis. However earlier than Stands entered the image, the heroes’ bending kinds had been decided by their attitudes and traditional preventing kinds, corresponding to that of Joseph Joestar in Battle Tendency.

Joseph was no monk in that arc, however he did have the quick-thinking, prank-oriented, and intelligent mentality of an Airbender. He was the one who saved operating in circles round his enemies with improvised weapons and predicting his enemies’ strikes, even stating what they will say earlier than they are saying it. There was a nonetheless a little bit of that within the Stardust Crusaders arc when he used a combnation of Hamon and his Hermit Purple Stand, however Battle Tendency was his actual Airbender part.

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure with Joseph Joestar in front pointing

JoJo’s Weird Journey

The story of the Joestar household, who’re possessed with intense psychic energy, and the adventures every member encounters all through their lives.

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October 4, 2012

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Hirohiko Araki

1 Alphonse Elric is Intelligent and Fights For Peace

Alchemy Rewards the Difficult Thoughts of an Airbender

alphonse elric in the library with a shelf behind him.

Alchemy in Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood tends to reshape earth, such because the rock partitions that the Elric brothers typically type, whereas Colonel Roy Mustang is legendary together with his flame alchemy, making him a Firebender. Air is not a typical elemental weapon on this anime, but when anime followers take into account every character’s mentality, then Alphonse Elric is sort of the Airbender.

Throughout his search for the Philosopher’s Stone after which his mission to cease Father, Alphonse was a defensive, noble fighter who fought to defend lives and preserve the peace, much more so than his hotheaded brother Edward. Al is a delicate soul who loves everybody and every little thing round him, all whereas utilizing his intelligent thoughts and quick-thinking ways to maintain tempo together with his many enemies.

Edward and Alphonse Elric on the poster of Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood

Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood

Two brothers seek for a Thinker’s Stone after an try to revive their deceased mom goes awry and leaves them in broken bodily kinds.

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April 5, 2009

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